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Weather Guidelines and Updates

Gameday Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather prior to the start of the game, LSFA members will review conditions and determine if the game will be played as scheduled, delayed, or canceled.

If lightning is observed in the area, our field monitors will sound a horn and proceed to ask parents and coaches to be removed from the field.

For updates on game day, our Rainout/Cancellation Line is: 816-944-3588

Practice Heat/Cold Restrictions

Heat Restrictions will be displayed and updated on our "For Coaches" section of our website. Coaches are expected to check for alerts and restrictions day to day during the hotter time of the football seasons.

Temperatures are 94 degrees and below at the beginning of practice. Coaches may practice any time after 5pm.

Outdoor practices are allowed with restrictions. Start times will be updated on our site. We will determine the start times and any length restrictions.

No outdoor practice is allowed.

  • Temperatures are at or above 95 degrees
  • Heat Index is at or above 105 degrees
  • Temperatures are below 40 degrees
    (as reported by

Coaches, please use common sense when adjusting your practice times and remind parents to bring extra water on hot days and dress accordingly on cold days. On hot days start your practices with non-contact drills without pads or helmets.

In the event of inclement weather (Game Day or Practice)

If in doubt, cancel
Remain calm and clearly communicate to players and parents what the plan of action is
Gather athletes at the closest structure for collection by their parents
No athlete shall be left unsupervised
If thunder is heard, lightning is visible or lightning is detected by the Earth Networks lightning monitoring system (Legacy Fields only), the practice or game must be suspended at least 30 minutes. Everyone, including all spectators, must go to a safe shelter.
If this occurs, assist LSFA by requesting your parents to leave the field
Tornados: If a tornado warning is issued:
All practice or games will stop immediately, and all participants and
spectators will seek shelter.
Seek shelter in a solid structure, preferably in a basement or an
interior room. If no building is available, lay down in a ditch.