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Team Formation Rules / Process

The Lee’s Summit Football Association (LSFA) provides two (2) options for youth football. Each option has similar team formation rules based upon LSFA’s objective to provide a positive environment for sportsmanship, character development and learning of football skills. The two-level offering includes:

  1. Flag League: The flag program is designed to facilitate a successful transition into the tackle program if pursued. This program is available for youth in K-7th grades. We form teams based off of elementary and high school zones.
  2. Tackle League:  LSFA offers tackle football for players entering 2nd-7th grade. LSFA participates in the Kansas City Youth Football League (KCYFL).  KCYFL rules dictate certain geographical formation guidelines which LSFA adheres to. Additionally, LSFA forms teams by school boundaries when possible.  
    1. KCYFL has three divisions for tackle football. The division an LSFA tackle team participates in is dependent upon experience and prior team performance. The KCYFL Board determines the final division(s) available per grade level based on the number of teams and individual team placement within those divisions each season.
      1. A Division - most competitive division available. Designed for advanced teams with the majority of players having experience in tackle football.
      2. B Division - Designed for less experienced teams. Depending on the number of teams in the division, B teams may play cross-division games against A teams.
      3. C Division - Designed for coaches and teams with minimal to no tackle experience. Teams declared in this division will be exempt from playing cross-division games vs teams declared in the A division. This division is not eligible for postseason play.
    2. Actual Divisions may vary grade to grade based on the total number of teams declared. Teams that won the Super Bowl the prior year are automatically moved up a division the following season. 

Formation rules are reviewed annually by the LSFA Executive Board. The LSFA Executive Board utilizes input from the LSFA Board, league coaches, parents, the Lee’s Summit School District High School football programs and other successful youth football programs when making decisions.