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Refunds and Cancellations


All refund requests require the parent or guardian to submit an email request to the LSFA Executive Board at .  Refunds will only include the original registration fee or a percentage of the original registration fee. When making a submission, the requestor should clearly state what is being requested as well as provide justification for the request. In general, please provide as much information and supporting data/documents as possible to assist the board with making a decision.  A vote of 75% or greater is required by the board to approve any/all refund requests which don’t comply to the following:

Forced Season Cancellation

In the event of a forced closure of the season due to events or forces outside the control of LSFA, refunds will be payed AFTER all league equipment has been returned. The amount of the refund will be the registration fee (excludes the online processing fee) minus league incurred cost for uniforms, insurance, practice field space, or other league costs. If the jerseys have been ordered, players WILL receive their jersey and the cost will be deducted from refund amount. See the matrix below for refund amounts by date:

Season Forced Cancellation Matrix  
Season Cancellation Timing Refund Amount
Prior to the first practicing occurring 100%
After the 1st practice through the 2nd game occurring 50%
After the 2nd game occurring through the 4th game occurring 25%
After the 4th game occurring 0%