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LSFA is excited to announce that we are moving to a new management platform - Team Snap!

For Fall registrations, you will be registering within Team Snap.  Please make sure to set you and your participants profiles up completely to ensure a better experience within Team Snap including league wide announcements, streamlined future registration, team communications, etc.

Also - make sure to download the Team Snap app!

Download the "Team Snap" app

2024 Fall Tackle Coach Registrations ARE OPEN!!

Welcome to Fall 2024 Tackle Season.  All head coaches, assistance coaches and team managers need to register here by 9/15/24.



2024 Fall 7v7 Recreational Flag Coach Registrations ARE OPEN!!

Welcome to the Fall 2024 7v7 Recreational Flag Football Season.  All head coaches & assistance coaches need to register here by 9/15/24.



Minimum Touch and Rotation Requirements

Lee's Summit Football Association is a recreational league. We will train coaches to ensure they follow our minimum touch and rotation rules in this fast-paced and naturally competitive sport.

For Flag Football

  • Active players are to play a minimum of 50% of each game.
  • Players are to receive a minimum of 1 "touch or target"
    • Touch= Hand off or Completed Pass
    • Target= Attempted catch/dropped pass
  • Coaches are to fill out our rotation/touch sheet and turn it into our field monitor at the end of each game

For Tackle Football

  • All active players must be rotated in on a minimum of 10 plays each game

If a coach is not fulfilling their duties under our minimum participation requirements, please report it by tapping the link below.

Coaches Code of Conduct

1. I will remember that games are played for fun!

2. I will display good sportsmanship ahead of my own personal desire to win.

3. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the score by acting positively toward all players, officials, parents and coaches.

4. I will show respect to all game officials, coaches, players, and parents and never act in a manner that would be disrespectful toward them.

5. I will not use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol at any National Youth Sports practice or game and will remind others on my team not to do so.

6. I will shake hands with the other team at the conclusion of all games. 

7. I will shake hands with the officials at the conclusion of all games.

8. I will treat everyone, including coaches, parents, players, and officials, with respect, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality or gender.

9. I will review LSFA's Flag and/or KCYFL's Tackle Rulebook(s) and commit to following minimum player participation rules & minimum game touch rule.


Coaches & Managers

Our volunteer youth football coaches are USA Football certified as well as background checked to safeguard the privilege of working with our youth. We want you to feel comfortable with allowing your coach to assist with developing your athlete into a hardworking and responsible teammate.  Our coaches are expected to put the well-being of your child above their personal desire to win and to treat each player as an individual, with respect for the wide range of emotions within an individual age group.

Coaches will do their best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all players, no matter what skill level. The goal of our program is to help our athletes learn how to play the game the right way, by developing skills and under-standing the rules of the game. We are committed to providing a safe environment of athletic competition. All reasonable steps will be taken to promote safe practices and to protect youth from harm, abuse and exploitation during league events and activities.

All Youth Sports Coaches are required to complete an annual background check.  Once the background check has been confirmed and the person has notified the board that he/she wants to be a coach, then the board will review the person and needs of the organization to get coaches into place.  The board has the final say on a volunteer being allowed to coach. 

If you are interested in coaching and want to declare early or you have questions, please email your division specific representative.

NFL Flag -
Tackle -


Coaching Resources

USA Certification

Add Guardian to Players Profile (for Notifications)

This Sports Engine article has steps to show coaches how to add parent email addresses to their player so that they can receive communication (Chats/Messages).

Emergency Action Plan

Tap here for the LSFA Emergency Action Plan

Team Formation Rules


Keep connected to your team. Quickly check schedules and team updates, plus message other members on your team and receive heads-up from athletes about practice. Enjoy unlimited access to scores & stats, photo/video sharing, and more.


Accessing TeamCenter

Easily add and edit athlete info, manage schedules, and message team members

Messaging Your Team in TeamCenter

Send a message to an individual member, selected members, or the entire team directly from TeamCenter or from the SportsEngine mobile app

Basic Team Management

Perform basic tasks using the Team Page Team Management functionality

Add Contacts to Receive Team Messages

Add additional email addresses to a non-member's profile in order to be able to include all athletes in team communications

Managing RSVPs

Manage RSVPs for each athlete within your team’s TeamCenter or within the SportsEngine mobile app

Sending RSVPs for Existing Games or Events

Do you import your game schedules from a third-party scheduler or create them manually on your team page? This article explains how to add RSVPs to those games and events after they are imported.

More Helpful Coach Links

Review help articles about how coaches interact with TeamCenter and the SportsEngine mobile app

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